Relatient On The Nextech Blog: What is Patient Engagement? (Hint: It’s More Than Your Patient Portal)


We’re over on the Nextech Systems blog today

talking about what patient engagement really means and how to go about achieving it.

Here’s a sneak peek:

Healthcare organizations want engaged patients but aren’t always clear on what an engaged patient acts or sounds like. For those that have a solid grasp on what patient engagement is, a clear pathway to achieving patient engagement can still prove challenging. They find themselves asking, “is it technology driven, people driven, or process driven?” It’s really all three.

For all the definitions of patient engagement that exist, they all include two consistent components:

  1. A patient’s ability and willingness to participate in his or her own care
  2. A trigger to activate a patient and promote healthy patient behavior

Click here to get the rest of the article, including

  • Active vs. Passive Patients
  • Patient Engagement vs. Patient Experience
  • Healthcare Consumerism Demands Better Patient Engagement 
  • The Right Technology is Fundamental to Achieving Patient Engagement  

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