When Healthcare Needs to Close


Orginally published on LinkedIn by Sam Johnson.

Closing means communication…and lots of it.

We had the privilege of taking dozens of phone calls again this morning from medical offices needing to shut the doors for the day, due to inclement weather in the southern states. Remember when snow days were something to look forward to?

When you are a busy medical practice, all a snow day means is a huge need for instant communication with today’s appointments and those appointments that will need to shift around to accommodate the changes in the coming weeks.

Let’s face it, the world has gone mobile. If you are capturing updated email addresses and mobile phone numbers during the scheduling encounter, you have much stronger communication possibilities when these surprises come at you.

We look forward to hearing from our customers, but the reality is, On Demand Messaging was right there, ready to blast text, email, and voice calls to hundreds of patients in mere seconds. That made for some very tidy and efficient communication this morning, and when all was cared for, and communicated with just 3 or 4 mouse clicks, we heard the sighs of relief over the phone.

On Demand Messaging isn’t necessary every day for the average practice, but when it is, it’s nice to know its available, free, and ready to save dozens of hours for medical support staff. Enjoy the snow day, healthcare…you deserve it!

Warm wishes,


On Demand Messaging