Driving Tech Innovation and Capabilities for Medical Practice Contact Centers With AWS and Amazon Connect

Relatient is focused on empowering medical, hospital, and specialty groups to make patient engagement, communication, and appointment scheduling easier. This ensures patients have more, quicker, and better access to care. However, truly streamlining the complex world of patient communication and appointment scheduling requires robust technology, so we are proud to work with best-in-class companies like AWS. 

One important area for many larger groups is their call center or contact center, which is a key touchpoint with patients looking to schedule an appointment, inquire about care, or follow up on an appointment they’ve had with a provider. Effectively managing contact centers often requires a mix of effective executive support, training, processes, and software solutions. Hold times, abandonment rates, handle times, patient satisfaction, and other metrics are important to track and an effective solution helps medical practices manage and measure all of these things.

One major way that Relatient is helping securly support these contact centers with solutions as they scale and continuously increase touchpoints to their patients is through AWS technology and Amazon Connect.

As we continue to grow our customer base and provide just-in-time messages during events like the pandemic, we need a platform that is easy to scale and will handle the future outbound dialer volume.

Kevin Montgomery, Chief Innovation Officer, Relatient

Amazon Connect is an easy-to-use, highly scalable, and cost-effective omnichannel cloud contact center solution. AWS just announced new features with Amazon Connect. These new features give agents the right information at the right time so they can answer customer questions faster, provide fast and secure caller authentication, and communicate with customers easier and more efficiently. 

Read the full Amazon Connect press release here from AWS.