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As a trusted athenahealth Accelerate Partner, Relatient’s Dash® platform delivers intelligent patient scheduling workflows, bi-directionally, to simplify complexity across locations, provider preferences, appointment types, and more.

Dash uses data-driven algorithms, automates administrative tasks, and improves patient interactions in ways that traditional appointment booking tools do not.

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Proven Integration Experience

Patient appointment scheduling can be one of the biggest pain points for both patients and providers throughout the care journey. By combining a rules-based engine built to manage complex provider preferences, with consumer-friendly, online scheduling access, providers can see dramatic improvements to scheduling accuracy, staff training time, patient satisfaction, and appointment volume.

What Sets Dash Apart

Bi-directional, customizable integration saves time and reduces burden on staff

Sequential scheduling supports coordinated care

Smart waitlist management accelerates appointment access

Case handling capabilities in Dash reduces administrative burden

Trusted by Leading Provider Organizations

Real-time integration and modification allow us to get appointments scheduled in Dash and have them almost immediately appear in athena; and any changes we make to our scheduling rules happen in real-time and flow in a bi-directional way.

– Grace Riepe, VP of Business Operations at Resurgens Orthopaedics

Streamline Appointment Scheduling for a High-Quality Experience

Organizations who leverage both athenahealth and Dash by Relatient for their appointment scheduling see dramatic improvements to scheduling accuracy, staff training time, patient satisfaction, and provider utilization. Intelligent scheduling, whether centralized through the contact center or through patient self scheduling capabilities, improves appointment scheduling and reduces manual workflows by adhering to a provider rules and preferences.


Fully Integrated API

Relatient and athenahealth have a fully integrated API, meaning data is exchanged instantaneously. No more having to waste time switching between systems.

Improve Patient Engagement by Providing a Consistent Access Experience

athenahealth and Dash by Relatient work together to improve the patient experience by connecting each step of the patient care journey. By leveraging online chat, personalized messaging and communications, registration and digital payments, organizations can enhance patient engagement and reduce burden on staff.

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See why 40,000+ physicians trust us with their patients and businesses, and learn how we can help you:

  • Reduce no-shows
  • Manage multiple locations
  • Increase patient balance collection
  • Improve patient satisfaction & retention
  • Transition to value-based care
  • Optimize your office operations
  • Automate patient outreach
  • Increase compliance

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Dash integrate with athenahealth?

Integration between Dash Applications and athenahealth is facilitated by athenahealth APIs, and it includes multiple data domains

  • Contact Center Scheduling
  • Patient Self-Scheduling
  • Intake
  • Engage
  • Payments

athenahealth Accelerate Partners are a group of select Partners, across a wide range of digital health categories, that have distinguished themselves in their experience serving athenahealth customers ranging from diverse specialties and practice sizes.

Since the data between Dash applications and athenahealth is exchanged in real time, messages (voice, text, email) are sent to the patient (found in athenahealth) and sent at the appropriate time through the Relatient messaging platform. Patient response data is then sent back to athenahealth.

For Dash Central, we have the capability to post non-appointment patient cases in athenaOne. Patient cases may contain information that is not appointment-specific but may affect a patient’s visit satisfaction. This streamlines workflows for schedulers eliminating the need to use the athenaOne platform to add cases to a patient’s chart.

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