Specialty Groups and Practices

Reduce manual tasks and complexity with intelligent scheduling, digital patient intake and integrated communications.

Rules-based scheduling, intake, and communications at scale

Physician groups of all sizes have different levels of complexity when it comes to provider scheduling rules and preferences. Whether it’s very specified rules for orthopedic surgeons, or broader rules for a new physician starting, finding a solution that ensures scheduling accuracy in a complex environment is critical.


As patients are expecting more from their healthcare providers than ever before, physician groups are leveraging digital-first solutions to remain competitive and drive efficiency. Dash by Relatient takes a comprehensive approach to digital patient access through online self-scheduling, inbound chat, personalized communications, simplified registration, and payments – all without staff intervention.

“Across all of our practices, Dash's smart capabilities have improved scheduling for providers with different preferences, rules and reduced scheduling errors. It’s also helped with cross coverage when one group is short staffed.”

Improve the patient experience while automating the work

Improve accuracy with rules-based scheduling

Contact center scheduling enables staff to optimize schedule capacity and match patients to the right provider, at the right time.

Schedule more appointments without phone calls

Online self-scheduling advances consumer engagement and enables patients to schedule their own care, referrals and more with rules-based appointment booking, available 24/7.

Proactively engage patients to drive appointments

Automate patient outreach with HIPAA compliant timely communications, reminders, and calls to action.

Automate patient intake to reduce manual tasks

Digital intake helps accelerate the registration process with configurable digital forms, which reduces bottlenecks and accelerates patient throughput to stay on schedule.

See How Relatient Can Help Specialty Groups & Practices Improve Patient Scheduling and Communication.

Integrated Access
Improve access and optimize capacity with a rules-based, guided user experience for provider staff and patients.
Seamless Messaging
Deliver better access and support with real-time chat
Targeted Engagement
Personalize messaging, expedite reminders, communicate efficiently across multiple channels for a better patient experience.
Simplified Intake
Simplify check-in paperwork. Banish registration headaches for patients and providers.