Activating Patients Through Targeted Messaging and Segmentation: A One Pediatrics Case Study

One Pediatrics serves patients in Louisville, Kentucky, and surrounding counties. With multiple practices serving the children and parents of Kentucky, new Relatient programs have helped them maximize patient outreach, communications, and scheduling.

One Pediatrics uses Relatient services to reach patients throughout the year. Kellie Doligale, the Care Coordinator, will source the appropriate recipients for custom messages depending on the practitioner’s needs. “We write messages to people we haven’t seen in a while, or we also make it seasonal, like around vaccinations,” said Doligale. In addition to customized and seasonal communications, Doligale implements a monthly birthday check, cross references to see if those patients are due for a well-visit, and then customizes the message around those information points.

“We’ve had the best success using text messaging communication, we feel it reaches the most people, and we get the best response from it,” said Doligale. “Because it’s a text message, we have to be careful about the length of the message.”

The shorter format of the messaging requires clarity and conciseness.

Feedback across all practices praises the communication system. “Our parents consistently report getting appointments in a timely manner,” said Doligale. Initially, One Pediatrics allowed the scheduling of sick visits only. However, once they experienced its success, they also extended the option for well-visits. The practices report lower no-show rates as well.