Dash Intake

Improve staff productivity and accelerate care delivery with optimized patient intake.

Streamline patient registration and check-in with a consumer-friendly intake solution

Patient registration doesn’t have to be a burdensome process anymore. Dash® Intake offers configurable digital forms that simplify pre-registration paperwork, optimize the patient intake process, and enhance the pre-appointment experience by allowing patients to complete all paperwork and payments from the privacy and convenience of their own home or mobile device.


Streamline the process by offering mobile check-in prior to arrival to save time during the appointment.

  • Capture consent and signatures digitally
  • Convenient, mobile-friendly and web-based process
  • Customize information relevant to your organization’s requirements  


Reduce administrative burden and save time by collecting patient information and consent upfront

  • Provide a digital, mobile-first experience for your patients
  • Configure your digital registration forms to collect all relevant information
  • Easily Integrate patient registration information with your PM or EHR system

Insurance & ID Collection

Reduce wait times, ensure accuracy, and enhance the patient experience by collecting insurance information upfront.

  • leverage OCR scan to capture and upload a photo of patient insurance and identification cards
  • Meets all security and HIPAA compliant standards
  • Seamlessly connects documentation to patient records


MDPayTM Offers convenient and secure payment options to reduce printed statements and accelerate your organization’s cash flow.

  • Automate balance notifications via SMS text and email
  • Offer patient-initiated payment plans
  • Meets all financial compliance standards

See How Dash Intake Can Help You Improve Patient Scheduling and Communication

Schedule Seamlessly
Improve access and optimize capacity with a rules-based, guided user experience for provider staff and patients.
Chat Conveniently
Deliver better access and support with real-time chat
Engage Effortlessly
Personalize messaging, expedite reminders, communicate efficiently across multiple channels for a better patient experience.