Dash Intake

Improve staff productivity and accelerate care delivery with optimized patient intake.

Streamline patient registration and check-in with a consumer-friendly intake solution

Patient registration doesn’t have to be a burdensome process anymore. Dash® Intake offers configurable digital forms that simplify pre-registration paperwork, optimize the patient intake process, and enhance the pre-appointment experience by allowing patients to complete all paperwork and payments from the privacy and convenience of their own home or mobile device.


Streamline the patient check-in process by offering mobile check-in prior to arrival to save time during the appointment.

  • Save time for patients and staff
  • Capture consent and signatures digitally
  • Reduce patient access bottlenecks
  • Offer convenient mobile-friendly workflows


Collect patient information and consent upfront leveraging a digital, mobile-first intake solution with custom digital registration forms.

  • Prompt patients to register online prior to their appointment
  • Provide a simple mobile-optimized user experience 
  • Configure forms to collect all relevant information
  • Reduce paperwork and manual data entry
  • Integrate with PM or EHR system

Insurance & ID Collection

Collect insurance information prior to appointments by prompting patients to capture and upload a photo of their insurance card leveraging OCR scan to read data fields.  

  • Ensure complete and accurate data capture
  • Update relevant information
  • Reduce wait times
  • Enhance patient experience


Offer convenient and secure payment options, with MDPayTM, by automatically notifying patients when their bill is ready, via email and/or text.

  • Automate balance notifications via SMS text and email
  • Provide convenient and easy payment options
  • Increase patient payments
  • Offer payment plans 

See How Dash Intake Can Help You Improve Patient Scheduling and Communication

“We knew that our organization’s growth and the number of new practices we needed to onboard meant we had to streamline registration and patient intake–for the sake of both our patients and our staff.” 

See How U.S. Dermatology leverages a comprehensive patient engagement strategy to achieve 90% patient adoption

See how UPA implemented a mobile-first solution and workflow and now nearly 60% of patient payments are made digitally. 

“As an RCM vendor, we vow to represent each provider entity equally, that’s something Dash Intake does for us. With Dash Intake, we give each patient a unique payment link via text and email, and when they click on the link it shows them all their current balances and empowers them to indicate where they want to attribute their payments.”

Schedule Seamlessly
Improve access and optimize capacity with a rules-based, guided user experience for provider staff and patients.
Chat Conveniently
Deliver better access and support with real-time chat
Engage Effortlessly
Personalize messaging, expedite reminders, communicate efficiently across multiple channels for a better patient experience.