Case Studies

Georgia Urology Reinvents Patient Access and Referral Management with Intelligent, Rules-Based Scheduling

Georgia Urology leveraged intelligent scheduling to improve scheduling accuracy and capacity, positively impacting patient access.

OrthoSC Improves Provider Utilization and Patient Access with Intelligent Scheduling Technology

Ortho Practice Adopts Intelligent Scheduling Technology to Boost Provider Utilization and Patient Access

Kentucky Pediatrics Group Automates Processes, Reduces No-show Rates Through Better Engagement and Online Scheduling

Large Provider Group Boosted Patient Access, Reduced No-Show Rate Through Healthcare Automation

The Warren Clinic Cuts No Show Rate in Half with Integrated Engagement Solution

The Warren Clinic has cut its no show rate by more than half to just 4.7% and used targeted messaging campaigns to close gaps in care.

Raleigh Orthopaedic Boosts Patient Acquisition with Online Scheduling Access 

Raleigh Orthopaedic rolled out a new patient access strategy to improve their scheduling operations, drive patient acquisition and to better accommodate provider, staff, and patient needs.

Resurgens Orthopaedics Schedules 20% of Appointments Online – Without Staff Intervention 

Resurgens chose a deliberate path to transform their scheduling operations to accommodate provider, staff, and patient needs.

Better Scheduling Boosts Utilization and Patient Experience

See How Peachtree Ortho increased their utilization by 4.7%

How U.S. Dermatology Partners Solved The Patient Intake Bottleneck with Mobile Registration 

See How U.S. Dermatology leverages a comprehensive patient engagement strategy to achieve 90% patient adoption

The South Bend Clinic Reduces No-Shows, Streamlines Workflows with Patient-Centered Engagement Strategy

See how South Bend Clinic was able to reduce patient no-shows from 9-10% to less than 5%

Better Data Integration Boosts Operational Efficiency and Reduces No-Shows 

From the outside, it looked like The Vancouver Clinic had nothing to worry about in managing patient appointments. Their no-show rate was below the U.S. average of 18%.

Multi-Location Dermatology Group Grows Online Reviews by 485%, Improves Average Rating by 21% 

The providers and staff at Gwinnett Dermatology pride themselves with having a pulse on patient expectations and meeting their needs with a personalized, comprehensive approach to skincare.

Large Southeast Health System Lowers Patient No-Show Rate by 27% 

One of the largest pediatric health systems in the United States was using appointment reminders but still facing an 18%-20% no-show rate.

One Automated Campaign Recovered Over 1,300 Patients to Bridge Gaps in Care 

Learn How the Seven Hills’ brought in 1,370 new appointments and total charges of $244,000 over a six-month time frame with its “Not Seen In Three” health campaign.

How University Physicians’ Association Increased Patient Payments 43% with Mobile-First Billing 

See how UPA implemented a mobile-first solution and workflow and now nearly 60% of patient payments are made digitally.

For Orthopedic Practices, Better Patient Access Means Better Care

Learn how Tennessee Orthopedic Clinics Boost Capacity Utilization by 3.4%, Yield ROI of over $800K.


Using Digital Patient Engagement to Drive Better Access to Care

In the healthcare consumer experience, reality does not always meet expectations.

The Ultimate Guide to Reducing Patient No-Shows

Best Practices for Hospitals, Health Systems, and Medical Groups to Drive Efficiency, ROI, and Patient Satisfaction.

Automating Patient Scheduling and Engagement in the New Era of Healthcare

Provider groups of all sizes share a common challenge: how to meet increasing consumer demand with rising complexity amid administrative staffing shortages.

The Comprehensive Guide to Better Patient Communication and Engagement

Optimize Communication to Align Patient, Provider, and Administrator Expectations

The Patient Access Maturity Matrix: Key Driver for Efficient Operations

Learn how to enhance the overall patient experience while maintaining a high operational maturity.


10 Signs It’s Time to Re-Evaluate How You’re Scheduling Patients

Supporting Value-Based Care Through Targeted Patient Communications

A New Approach to Patient Scheduling: Overcoming Common Challenges Through Intelligent, Rules-based Scheduling

White Papers

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