Top-rated Relatient is proud to partner with Benchmark Systems (formerly AntWorks Healthcare), offering a bidirectional interface between our patient-centered engagement platform and Benchmark Systems’ EHR software. The Relatient platform powers telehealth and the digital front door with these solutions:

Automated Appointment Reminders
Reduce no-shows with unlimited voice, email, and text and deliver medical appointment reminders, missed appointment rescheduling, recalls, and more.

Broadcast Demand Messaging
Save time updating patient groups on-demand with text, email, and/or voice.

Messenger Chat & Secure Messaging
End phone tag with intuitive one-to-one patient messaging. Send and receive texts with patients instantly using 2-way Messenger Chat, or add-on Secure Messaging to safely share PHI in a HIPAA-Compliant, 2-way Chat.

Patient Surveys & Reputation Management
Get more 5-star reviews and receive patient feedback to improve your medical practice and its online reputation.

No-Show Reengagement
You don’t stop when a patient misses their appointment and neither do we. Once marked in your system, Relatient will automatically follow-up to get no-shows rescheduled. This feature can be turned on or off at your choice when supported by your PM.

Patient Self-Scheduling & Waitlist
Empower patients and staff with 24/7 scheduling to enable patient access and fill last-minute cancelations with automatic messaging.

Health Campaigns
Promote patient adherence, target gaps-in-care, reduce readmission, and improve revenue with automated campaigns.

Patient Balance Messaging & MDpay®
Collect more patient balances faster in the office, on the web, or via patients’ mobile devices with auto drafts, posted payments to appointments, and patient cards on file. Add text message balance reminders to your current billing strategy to save on statement costs and reduce time in AR.

Relatient is unique in our unlimited text, email, and voice messages and contacts along with a patient-centric and scalable, flexible platform for multiple locations and specialties management.

Plus, get reliable implementation and friendly support from our U.S. based, healthcare IT specialists who understand the needs of Benchmark Systems users.

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    Automate Text, Email and Phone Call Reminders

    Relatient’s appointment reminder service and best practices lower no-show rates and increase productivity. Here are eight reasons why Relatient does it better than the rest.

    Bidirectional Integration

    Relatient’s appointment reminder service notes patient responses directly into your practice management system (when possible). It’s like magic.

    Multi-Location Management

    Have more than one location? Relatient allows you to see reports, upload, and manage from one instance and one login. This is a must have.

    Configurable Reminders

    Automated messages based on location, doctor, appointment type, or whether they have more than one appointment. We’ve seen it all.

    U.S. Based Customer Service

    We pick up the phone. We think it’s fundamental, but not everyone does. Our platform is better, but this might be the real reason customers stay.

    No-Show Engagement

    You don’t stop when a patient misses their appointment and neither do we. If your system allows, Relatient automates messages to get no-shows rescheduled.

    Patient Recalls

    Sometimes patients forget to schedule their next appointment. If your system allows, Relatient automatically reaches out to get them on the books.

    Two-Way Patient Chat

    Relatient includes Messenger with all products so that patients can reply to any reminder and start a 2-way chat with the office staff over SMS.

    Broadcast Messaging

    Last minute changes? Weather delays? Emergencies? Relatient makes it easy to quickly notify your patients and staff – by provider, appointment time or location.

    Customer Story

    “Relatient delivered an ROI beyond our expectations of 5-to-1! And we’ve received great feedback from patients. Our patients tell us that the email, voice, and text appointment reminder system makes it easier for them to plan their work and lives around medical appointments.”

    Maria Avalos

    Director, Primary Care & Subspecialty, United Regional Physician Group

    revenue recovered in one month; on track to recover over
    in the first year

    Text Patients with Ease

    Two-way communication between patients and staff has never been so convenient or easy. Patients can simply reply to any automated reminder and staff will get notified in the patient chat window or via email (after 10 min).  Too busy? Anyone on staff with access can view and reply to messages.

    No Phone Tag!

    No one likes playing phone tag, being put on hold, or being instantly available to whoever calls whenever they do, patients or staff. Relatient helps everyone avoid it by making 2-way texting with the office easily accessible to patients and staff. Patients can send a text message anytime, day or night, and be confident someone will see it when they have the chance. Office staff can quickly reply without dedicating their full attention or waiting for a patient to pick up the phone.

    Unify Your Patient Communication

    Messenger works across the Relatient platform tying together Appointment Reminders, Demand Messaging, Surveys, Patient Self-Scheduling, eRegistration and Health Campaigns with 2-way texting messages.  The tool easily manages these communications along the patient journey enabling conversations the way patients want.  Patients respond more quickly and at higher rates, in the 30-40% range, saving everyone time and reducing inconvenience.