How to Turn Happy Patients into Promoters & Use Real-Time Data to Improve the Patient Experience

How to Turn Happy Patients into Promoters & Use Real-Time Data to Improve the Patient Experience

The CAHPS surveys put the patient experience in the spotlight several years ago when public reporting started and scores became a factor in reimbursement. While reimbursement is certainly a foremost issue, there’s much more we can do with patient feedback to improve the health of a medical practice. Patient feedback is like gold to a medical practice looking for insight and direction to where there improvement efforts will have the biggest payoff. Mobile-friendly surveys offer healthcare leaders and medical providers an efficient way to keep a pulse on patient perceptions and satisfaction, stay alert to isolated situations that need resolution, and identify trends in the patient experience by providers and locations. Here are three ways Relatient customers are using digital patient satisfaction surveys to spread positive word-of-mouth and gather ongoing feedback from patients.  

1. Build out your online presence with positive reviews from happy patients.  A reputation management survey is a 1-question survey used to collect data from patients within 24 hours of their appointment and motivate patients to leave their feedback in the form of an online review. This mobile-friendly style of survey captures a patient’s attention using text or email while the medical office predetermines a review site of their choice and directs patients from the mobile survey to leave a review. In the case that a patient is unhappy, the survey offers patients the opportunity to request follow-up and resolution from medical staff.  

2. Capture actionable feedback and report by provider and location to drive meaningful process improvement  Best practices prove the shorter the survey, the higher the response rate. Short surveys, like Relatient’s visit survey, leverage this concise setup while obtaining more detail than a reputation management style survey. Key questions clue medical clinic staff into where patients are satisfied and/or dissatisfied so they can power improvement projects that will deliver a better patient experience and result in higher CAHPS scores.  

3. Gauge patient answers to CAHPS questions and prepare for publicly reported results Medical providers who want to prepare for the next CAHPS survey, work on needed areas of improvement, or simply gather more detailed information from their patients use a mock CAHPS survey to measure and anticipate how their next results will fare. With Relatient, this detailed survey follows all the same rules as the reputation management and visit survey in that it’s mobile-friendly, distributed within 24 hours of the patient visit, and populates analytics for easy reporting.  

Finding the Right Solution  When it comes to choosing the right survey solution, how you can collect data and what you can do with it are so important. Choose a vendor who offers:   

  1. Multiple Reporting Options: compare locations, providers, and appointment types.
  2. Emailed Reports: schedule reports to be sent directly to your email, automatically.
  3. Configurable Automation: configure to send on certain days of the week, # of days after appointment, # days since last survey, and more.