More patient engagement tools, tips, and templates

As providers continue to balance their most pressing operational challenges—staffing shortages and increased demand for consumer offerings—they find themselves with a need to evaluate which technology solutions fit their unique patient scheduling and engagement needs, and how to optimize these solutions to meet their specific goals. 

Below is a curated list of expert strategies, tips, and templates for improved patient engagement: 

Patient Engagement Strategies and Best Practices 

One Automated Campaign Recovered Over 1,300 Patients to Bridge Gaps in Care 

New guidance for pap smears were misinterpreted by patients at Seven Hills Women’s Health Center and many women began skipping their annual exams. However, the annual exam is thought to be only a pap smear, when is a combined breast and cervical exam that are important to detect other types of cancers. 

The practice leveraged their data to create a specific health campaign to recapture these patients, leading to 1,370 new appointments, 274 of which required surgery… 

How Seven Hills Women’s Health Center used patient data to improve health outcomes 

The Expert Guide to Patient Engagement Software 

Patient engagement software is a powerful tool for hospitals, health systems, and medical groups, offering a wide variety of benefits to both medical providers and their patients. As healthcare becomes increasingly fragmented and patients continue to absorb more of the financial responsibility for their care, keeping patients engaged and driving satisfaction becomes more difficult without digital tools.  

Patient engagement software can help healthcare organizations bridge the gap with solutions that extend their reach and create a high-touch patient experience without requiring the full-time employees and resources of traditional patient outreach. 

This guide covers the benefits of patient engagement software, why patient engagement is important, how to use it, and how to select a partner and get started… 

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7 Proven Health Campaign Strategies to Close Gaps in Care 

As providers help patients navigate a post-pandemic-surge in care needs, there is a renewed focus on using health campaign strategies to close widening gaps in care. Patient engagement has long been associated with lower costs, better clinical outcomes, and improved patient experience, and is now becoming foundational to practice operations.   

Many patients are catching up with missed screenings and compounding complications from care delays, which requires providers to scale up quickly to serve a patient’s individual needs, obtain new clinical data, and set a treatment plan that is both actionable and communicated effectively. An additional challenge is that the more complex a patient’s health is, the more likely it is that other gaps in care can occur without strong patient engagement.  

The good news is that providers can tap into new and existing data to create targeted communications—also known as health campaigns—that not only help patients understand and manage chronic conditions but encourages compliance with other routine care, such as screenings and vaccinations.  

There are seven key strategies to implement effective health campaigns… 

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Email Appointment Reminder Templates That Will Help Your Patient Engagement 

When a patient doesn’t show up for an appointment, it’s bad for everyone. The patient doesn’t get the care they needed, nor do other patients who could have used that time slot, and the provider’s time is not efficiently used. 

Sometimes, missed appointments are unavoidable. But many times, patients get busy and forget about their appointments or confuse the dates. 

Emails are one part of an effective patient engagement system. While text messages are read more quickly and yield a higher response rate, text messages are short and cannot convey the voice of your practice or any special instructions that the patient may need to prepare for their appointment. For this reason, both are vital tools that work well together to keep your patients engaged with their appointments. 

In this blog, learn how to use email reminders to prevent patients from missing visits… 

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