Why Your Medical Practice Needs Patient Registration Software

Are you looking for a way to reduce your clerical work so you can spend more time seeing patients and less time dealing with administrative headaches? If so, you need patient registration software. Patient registration software can reduce the workload on your front desk staff while also keeping your patient happy. Learn more about patient registration software below, and make sure you use the right program to meet the needs of your practice.

What Is Patient Registration Software?

Patient registration software programs feature an automated system that makes it easier to track patient interactions, manage diagnoses, send prescriptions, and manage patient encounters, at hospitals and medical clinics. Patient registration software programs shorten the time it takes for you to register a patient once he or she arrives at the office. Instead of asking your front desk staff to do everything by hand, this software solution can take care of a lot of the paperwork for you. This frees up your front desk staff to focus on more important topics while reducing the mistakes that might be made during the registration process.

Patient Registration Software

Benefits of Patient Intake Software

There are several benefits of using patient intake software. They include:

Ease of Information Sharing

Patient registration software programs make it easier for you to share information between systems and staff members. Patient information entered into these systems can be made available to anyone in the practice or group.  Your staff members do not have to worry about writing down important information on sticky notes and passing them from desk to desk. Now, providers in the clinic can simply take a look at the system and find the information they need. 

Increased Patient Satisfaction

Patients will be much happier with the practice because they no longer have to wait for 15 or 20 minutes to have their information entered into the system. As soon as they arrive, all their information is available, and the nurses can pull the patients back when they are ready.  When physicians and nurses spend less time doing clerical work, they spend more time treating patients. This makes it easier for clinics to get patients in and out, reducing the time patients spend sitting in the waiting room. 

Reduced Workload

It is not unusual for medical practices to spend multiple hours every day handling administrative paperwork. With access to the right software program, many of these tasks can be automated.  With an all-in-one portal, practices can quickly and easily capture medical histories, prior physical exams, and important numbers to streamline the registration process. This is less work the front desk staff has to do and more work handled by the software program.  In addition, by digitizing the registration process, the front desk staff doesn’t have to worry about manually scheduling appointments, checking out patients, or handling billing and coding. All of these tasks can be handled electronically, reducing the workload on the practice’s staff.

Less Paperwork

Given that many of these tasks have been made electronic, there is less paperwork for everyone to do. Even though a lot of practices have made the switch to an electronic system, some practices still ask their patients to fill out documents using paper and pen.  Sometimes, patients can literally be handed dozens of sheets of paper to fill out. This is expensive and it can lead to mistakes. This can also be a serious compliance issue, which is why practices need to use a comprehensive patient registration software program that can eliminate paperwork. 

Patient Population Diversification

It is also possible for practices to use patient registration software programs to accommodate a more diverse patient population. Some patients do not speak English, and many patient registration software programs provide built-in support systems that can handle multiple languages. Practices can save time and money if they do not need to call an interpreter as often.

Timely Patient Care

Everyone’s time is valuable, including the patient’s time. With an electronic software program, it is possible for practices to pull patients back faster. Furthermore, patients don’t have to spend as much time filling out paperwork, meaning they can see the doctor sooner.  This makes it easier for practices to provide timely patient care, which increases the satisfaction of physicians, hospital or practices staff, and patients.


There are some software programs that allow patients to check themselves in. In the past, nurses and front desk staff will be responsible for pulling up records, updating information, and making sure everything is correct before a patient can be pulled back.  Now, with access to patient registration software, patients can check themselves in, shortening the line in the waiting room. This streamlines the check-in process, reducing administrative headaches. 

Reduce Mistakes

Patient registration software programs can also reduce mistakes that are made during the check-in process. Think about what happens if documents are filled out manually or by hand. Some people have a difficult time reading other people’s handwriting.  When front desk staff members are asked to enter information into the computer, they make left the wrong button without realizing it. When this system is automated, there is a lower chance of a mistake being made. Furthermore, some patients can enter their own information, meaning that less information is lost in translation. 

Improved Scheduling

Finally, a patient registration software program can also lead to improved scheduling practices. Now, patients do not want to call an office to make an appointment using a telephone. They don’t even want to stop by the desk on the way out to schedule a follow-up appointment. With access to a patient registration software program, patients can book their appointments online whenever they would like using a patient portal. It is also possible for them to cancel and reschedule their appointment if they need to, which reduces the burden on front desk staff.  Practices can also use the software program to send an automated appointment reminder using either a phone call or a text message. That means patients have a lower chance of forgetting to show up for the appointment.

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Choose the Right Patient Registration Software Program To Meet Your Needs

These are just a few of the benefits of using patient registration software programs. If you would like to improve patient satisfaction and reduce the burden on your front desk staff, you should find the right patient registration software program to meet your needs.  At Dash by Relatient, we would be happy to work with you to find the right patient registration solution for your practice. Contact us today to speak to a member of our team.