Relatient Announces Inaugural Customer Advisory Board to Accelerate Customer-centric Operations and Innovation

Relatient Announces Inaugural Customer Advisory Board to Accelerate Customer-centric Operations and Innovation

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, October 04, 2023 – Relatient, the leading patient scheduling platform, has launched its inaugural Customer Advisory Board (CAB) with a goal of learning from and collaborating with healthcare industry leaders. Made up of 10 executives from a variety of health system and specialty organizations, the CAB will provide input and feedback on key business priorities, such as Relatient’s product roadmap, operations, responding to relevant industry trends and best practices, and more.

The Board members were formally nominated for inclusion, and represent specialties across the healthcare continuum, including dermatology, reproductive health and orthopedics, which has been a strong early adopter of intelligent scheduling technology. Moving forward, Relatient plans to continue to update board members on an annual basis, including different specialty and organizational representation every year. Relatient’s 2023 Customer Advisory Board members are:

“Customer guidance has always been a key factor in Relatient’s decisions and successes. We’re honored that these incredible partners are willing to formalize that feedback loop by participating in the board. The CAB members are leaders and innovators in their own rights and will provide us with invaluable guidance on the challenges and opportunities they experience so our organization can rise to address them more effectively than ever before.”

Jeff Gartland, Relatient CEO

The inaugural Relatient CAB meeting convened for the first time in-person on September 18-19, 2023, in Atlanta, Ga. Along with informal networking opportunities, the board members met to discuss multiple topics that will inform Relatient’s business plans moving forward, including needs and best practices with patient experience, population-specific metrics and analytics capabilities, and new product concepts.

“Relatient has true buy-in with its clients, and when we succeed with patients, Relatient succeeds, too,” said Laura Dalton, CMOO of Planned Parenthood Mar Monte. “Being on the CAB with other individuals  experiencing the same things we are, sharing best practices and discussing ideas provides even more input for Relatient to continue their work. We’re all getting better together with the same goals in mind: improve patient care and access, growth and financial sustainability, and continued work towards improving patient outcomes.”

“The type leadership and culture at Relatient is what lot of organizations should aspire to,” said Michael Gambuto, vice president of call center operations at Anne Arundel Dermatology. “It’s incredibly powerful to know that your voice resonates and matters with another organization. We see that in the DNA of some of Relatient’s new features and products. That type of commitment to client feedback is rare and shouldn’t be taken for granted.”

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