A New Approach to Patient Scheduling

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When patients can’t reach you, 75% will not call back. That is not just a missed call – it’s missed care. Intelligent patient scheduling bridges this gap, by seamlessly matching patients to the right doctor, at the right time and place.


Discover how intelligent patient scheduling can elevate patient care and boost your practice’s efficiency. Download our infographic for insights into transforming your scheduling process, creating a win-win for everyone.

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Give patients the ability to self-schedule care conveniently, without phone calls

Relatient’s Best in KLAS® online scheduling software marries the convenience of consumer-friendly scheduling with the real-time accuracy of provider intelligent rules and preferences. Allowing patients to book their healthcare appointments online is critical to effective patient access operations. Dash® enables provider organizations to improve patient acquisition and retention by customizing new patient and existing patient workflows whether they are scheduling for the first time, are a referral appointment, or are a long-time returning patient.

Organizations utilizing Dash for patient self-scheduling see:

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20 percent appointments scheduled online graphic
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Advance consumer engagement with simple, appointment self-booking

  • Improve ease of access 
  • Boost new patient acquisition  
  • Improve patient to provider matching 
  • Drive patient activation 
  • Reduce administrative burden  
  • Increase patient appointment volume  

See How Dash Can Help You Improve Patient Scheduling and Communication