Relatient Keeps Providers and Patients Connected Amid COVID-19 Pandemic and Fires

Medical Offices Can More Easily Create On-Demand Messaging Tailored for Staff and Patients

Relatient, a SaaS-based patient engagement company rated #1 by KLAS for “Patient Outreach” in 2020, announced its newest product, Broadcast Messenger, a follow-up to its popular on-demand patient messaging solution, Demand Messaging. Relatient’s on-demand solution was redesigned to empower healthcare organizations with an easier-to-use, self-service tool that quickly distributes important communications to many patients and groups at once using text, email and voice calls.

Using the previous on-demand messaging product, Relatient customers have sent nearly 11 million time-sensitive messages to patients relaying important updates about COVID-19, fires, telehealth, and care access since March. To maximize the technology, Broadcast Messenger now offers expanded capabilities and updated user-friendly features with increased speed, ease-of-use, and faster delivery which enables providers and patients to stay connected.

A West Coast customer offered their recent perspective after using Relatient to manage the impact of fires on patient care and manage their hospital and clinics closing.

“A small silver lining: Tuesday when I was evacuated from my home office, I was able to get WiFi at a small rural lodge,” said the customer. “I was able to log in to the Relatient portal to use demand messaging and we sent thousands of emergency messages – everything from emergency closures, to messages of ‘we’re open’ to ‘your appointment has been moved.’ That thing works great!”

“Providers are choosing Relatient to quickly adapt to the unexpected, reopen and ensure patient access, while protecting patients and staff during in-office and virtual care,” said Michele Perry, Relatient CEO. “Relatient has ramped up its product, implementation, and support resources to accelerate our roadmap and help healthcare maintain operations and recover, releasing Broadcast Messenger ahead of schedule.”

Broadcast Messenger offers updated features and added-value at no additional charge when purchasing the Relatient Appointment Reminders solution, including:

  • Newly-designed user interface with an intuitive workflow for simple ease of use
  • Flexible functionality offers self-service use, custom messages, and list management
  • Customizable group messaging based on location, providers, and appointment types
  • Message automation to manage patient volume and group communications efficiently
  • Improvements to workflow for creating messages and search capability
  • Modality message preview and testing for text, email, and voice delivery
  • Scalable messaging to accommodate multi-specialty and multiple locations
  • Analytics to track delivery, responses, and engagement of patients
  • Pre-populated message templates for convenience
  • Enhanced reporting capabilities in the dashboard
  • Platform complies with HIPAA, TCPA, and security standards

The new release follows other recent upgrades to the Relatient patient engagement platform focused on evolving user and patient experiences. Given today’s extreme challenges of delivering care, Relatient is on a mission to improve patient communication working with providers which helps maintain revenue and patient care using the latest in digital, mobile technology.

Broadcast Messenger is rolling out to customers with various training options including helper text, knowledge center, on-demand video, and a weekly live session. Broadcast Messenger is also supported by reliable, U.S.-based healthIT specialists for project management, implementation, and technical support.

Learn more at Relatient or contact us at where a healthcare IT advisor is available to assist providers.

About Relatient

Relatient, Inc., the 2020 KLAS Category Leader in Patient Outreach, is a SaaS-based patient-centered engagement company that utilizes a modern and mobile-first approach to improve patient and provider communication. On behalf of U.S. medical practices and health systems, Relatient engaged patients with more than 132 million messages in 2019. Relatient’s platform integrates with over 87 practice management systems and electronic health databases to drive operational efficiency, appointments and reviews, reduce no-shows, speed patient payments, and improve patient satisfaction, all while supporting health and care quality initiatives. For more information, visit