Dash Engage

Support a continuous patient journey with targeted, omni-channel communications.

Deliver a patient-centered approach to communication and engagement

Patients need to be able to easily manage their care journey as the healthcare industry continues to evolve into the digital age. Dash® Engage is a dynamic patient messaging platform that utilizes the power of integrated data mapping to deliver timely messages to patients and providers with the modality that matches their current preferences and habits. This flexibility ensures effective communication from the time an appointment is scheduled all the way through post-care follow-up.

Appointment Reminders

Reduce no-shows and improve revenue with configurable reminders.

  • Leverage multi-channel messaging (SMS/text, email, and phone)
  • Configure messaging based on patient preferences
  • Provide important appointment information and send links for registration and payment

Balance Notifications

Reduce printed statements and accelerate cash flow to your organization

  • Automate balance notifications via SMS text and email
  • Offer patient-initiated payment plans
  • Meets all financial compliance standards

Broadcast Messaging

Instantly communicate mass messages to support practice announcements and important updates on demand.

  • Send actionable messages via secure text/SMS, voice, and email
  • Configure messaging based on specific details
  • Collect message performance metrics and data

Health Campaigns

Target messages to patient populations to improve care delays, educate on and manage chronic conditions, and encourage compliance with routine care.

  • Segment patients based on demographic or health data
  • Ability to include self-scheduling option to streamline booking
  • Send messages via the patient’s preferred method

Secure Messaging

Reduce call volume and administrative burden with secure, 2-way patient texting.

  • Send and receive SMS texts between patient and organization
  • Ensures HIPAA compliance and protects sensitive data
  • Respond to multiple messages simultaneously


Gather important feedback, understand patient insights, and improve brand reputation with dynamic patient surveys and reporting.

  • Deploy broad or targeted patient surveys
  • Automate response collection
  • Report results in real-time

See How Dash Engage Can Help You Improve Patient Scheduling and Communication

Schedule Seamlessly
Improve access and optimize capacity with a rules-based, guided user experience for provider staff and patients.
Chat Conveniently
Deliver better access and support with real-time chat
Intake Intuitively
Simplify check-in paperwork. Banish registration headaches for patients and providers.