Intelligent Scheduling

Improve patient scheduling and reduce manual workflows with a rules-based, automated solution.

Deliver a patient-centered approach to communication and engagement with Dash® patient scheduling software

Patient appointment scheduling can be one of the biggest pain points for both patients and providers throughout the care journey. By combining a rules-based model built to manage provider preferences, with consumer-friendly, online scheduling access, providers can see dramatic improvements to scheduling accuracy, staff onboarding time, patient satisfaction, and revenue.

Appointment Confirmation

Allow patients to easily confirm, reschedule, or cancel their appointment in advance.

  • Leverage multi-channel messaging (SMS/text, email, and phone)
  • Provide important appointment related information
  • Configure messaging based on preferences

patient engaging with Cerner healthcare provider using self-scheduling
woman using smartphone for managing Patient Intake Software

Appointment Reminders

Reduce no-shows and improve revenue with configurable reminders.

  • Tailor messages by appointment type and location
  • Send links for registration and payments
  • Ensure compliance with opt out capabilities

Contact Center Scheduling

Reduce scheduling errors and eliminate manual workflows to optimize capacity and ensure patients are matched with the right provider at the right time.

  • Easily manage scheduling rules, protocols, and preferences
  • Coordinate care across locations and load balance across networks
  • Schedule multiple, correct appointments with a single click

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man using patient self scheduling software

Patient Self-Scheduling

Reduce administrative burden and improve patient acquisition by offering the convenience of 24/7 online scheduling access.

  • Book appointments online, easily and accurately
  • Integrate with your Practice Management/Electronic Health Record System
  • Align to your provider’s rules and preferences

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Waitlist Management

Save staff time and fill more appointment slots by automating patient waitlists.

  • Text patients with new and upcoming availability
  • Customizable based on rules and appointment types
  • Smart Overbooking feature to help lower no shows

woman using patient appointment self scheduling on smart phone

See How Intelligent Scheduling Can Help You Improve Patient Scheduling and Communication

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