Do More with Telehealth

Build a lasting telemedicine strategy with Relatient’s #1 KLAS-rated patient outreach solution. Telehealth is here to stay, avoid the pitfalls, and keep your patients and providers happier and more engaged. 

Map Telehealth Appointments into your Patient Journey

Relatient seamlessly integrates telehealth into your patient journey with the same level of care, continuity, and connection as an office visit.

  • Ensure Patient Access
  • Reduce Telehealth No-Shows
  • Increase Awareness & Satisfaction
  • Generate Online Reviews
  • Be Prepared for When Patients Cannot Come into the Office

“We implemented Relatient’s software in the middle of a global pandemic, which meant as soon as we went live, we had immediate changes to make. Relatient’s team was there at every step, which was critical because we moved the majority of our patient appointments to Telehealth within 10 days’ time. Relatient helped us include the unique patient Telehealth link in the appointment reminder and did it quickly. It was like turning a huge ship like a jet ski.”

Health System CIO


1. Increase Awareness of Telehealth Options

Changing behaviors around telehealth may be the hardest part. Relatient has a plan:

  • Use broadcast messaging to alert patient groups with your telehealth offerings
  • Inform patients they can change to a virtual visit rather than reschedule
  • Add telehealth visits to your online scheduling

2. Move to Digital Registration Forms

Kiosks and clipboards are dead, but not to worry, they’ve been replaced.

  • Prompt patients to fill out registration forms on their phone or computer
  • Collect insurance, identification, and electronic signatures

3. Remind & Provide Instruction

Patients need email, voice, and text reminders with instructions similar to an office visit, but even more now because telehealth is new. Have them test their connection, camera, and phone beforehand so you don’t get late starts and no-shows.

4. Invite Patients to Begin Their Appointment

In the office setting, you bring patients from the waiting room to the exam room. Relatient does this digitally for telehealth and makes it simple to join a telemedicine appointment at the right time to prevent no-shows. 

  • Send a text message with a link to join 15-45 minutes before the appointment starts

5. Make the Telehealth Appointment Easy to Access

Choose an easy to use solution. Relatient can work with most any solution your organization has chosen but some are easier for patients than others. Ask your self:

  • Do they have to download something?
  • Do they have to create an account or login into your portal? This can slow down patients and something as simple as a forgotten password could result in lost revenue and care.

6. Ask for Feedback & Generate Online Reviews

Use surveys to learn how your patients feel about Telehealth or to build your brand online through reviews. Some patients are going to be looking for who can handle televisits well.

7. Go Digital with Patient Payments

Make it easy to pay with automated patient billing using SMS balance messaging, online payments, and payment plans. Keep cash and cards in the wallet.

Telehealth is Part of Your Digital Front Door Strategy

Providers can mobilize their digital-front door strategy with Relatient to standardize and scale their telehealth quickly and deliver compassionate care for every patient. 

  • Connect clinicians and patients with ease and attention
  • Interface patient engagement with your telehealth software
  • Manage remote care visits and in-office appointments with one vendor
  • Scale telehealth with the flexible platform, 2020 KLAS Rated #1 in Patient Outreach
  • Move quickly to elevate your efficiency and patient satisfaction
  • Keep your office running and deliver care

Relatient is ready and able to power your telehealth and offers an award-winning team of health IT specialists who stand beside every customer.  Patient engagement is our core and telehealth success immediate. More than ever we are driven by your success, our healthcare-only mission, and keeping the patient at the heart of all we do.  

Telehealth is mission-critical. Let’s go.