Anne Arundel Dermatology Adds Intelligent Scheduling Capabilities to Improve Patient Experience

Anne Arundel Dermatology Adds Intelligent Scheduling Capabilities to Improve Patient Experience

Relatient’s centralized scheduling platform and patient self-scheduling tools will enhance patient access while streamlining staff workflows

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, April 23, 2024 – Anne Arundel Dermatology (AADerm), a leading provider of medical, surgical, pathology, research and aesthetic dermatological services, announced today that it will add new intelligent patient scheduling tools, expanding its existing partnership with Relatient, a leading patient scheduling platform. Relatient’s Dash Schedule solution will digitize and streamline historically manual and cumbersome processes for scheduling staff, while patient self-schedule capabilities will enable patients to easily schedule appointments at their own convenience, bypassing the need for phone calls or facilitation from AADerm’s staff.

AADerm provides dermatological, pathology and research services across more than 119 locations in seven states. AADerm has partnered with Relatient for several years, leveraging its Dash Engage solution to send relevant text or email reminders to patients with a goal of improving engagement and reducing no-shows. In 2023 alone, Relatient facilitated more than 2.6 million reminders to AADerm patients, supporting over 1 million appointments across AADerm locations. However, as the organization has grown—adding 30 new practices across seven states since 2017— the existing process, characterized by limited system functionality and intricate scheduling exceptions, proved to be both time-consuming and cumbersome for staff.

Leaning on their already successful partnership, AADerm turned to Relatient to help solve this challenge. As the partnership expands, Relatient will deploy Dash Schedule across locations, digitizing provider preferences and information to automatically identify providers and availability according to patient and provider needs. Relatient’s award-winning self-scheduling solution will also allow patients to schedule appointments easily themselves, further alleviating burden from call center staff.

“As an organization, we are hyper-focused on improving patient experiences. We pride ourselves on attentiveness to both clinical and interpersonal details that enable us to deliver the best care,” said Vincent Bradley, CEO of Anne Arundel Dermatology. “As a key partner in this goal, Relatient has helped us better connect with patients and supported us through a large-scale practice management system migration. This, paired with Relatient’s proven track record in patient scheduling, made it a no-brainer to expand our work. We look forward to leveraging Relatient’s tools and expertise to further transform and standardize scheduling practices to benefit patients and staff at all our locations.”

As AADerm aims to increase patient volume and move more than 20% of appointment scheduling to self-schedule processes, Relatient will help provide client service plans and optimization support while the tools are rolled out across locations. Intelligent scheduling tools will be available in AADerm practices as early as May 2024.

“Our partnership with Anne Arundel is designed to support strategic growth for this expanding multi-regional organization. We see them shifting to prioritize a great consumer experience in a way that more and more organizations will follow in the coming years,” said Jeff Gartland, CEO of Relatient. “Patient experience, vendor consolidation and a strong focus on measurable improvement are all areas we anticipate will grow within larger multi-site provider organizations, management services organizations (MSOs) and other healthcare entities. We’re thrilled to help Anne Arundel lead the way on these key initiatives.”

About Anne Arundel Dermatology

Anne Arundel Dermatology is a leading provider of dermatological services in Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, Tennessee, Pennsylvania and Georgia. Headquartered in Linthicum Heights, Maryland, and with approximately 119 locations and 260 providers, Anne Arundel Dermatology provides a comprehensive suite of dermatologic, pathology and research services, including general dermatology, advanced treatment options for skin cancer and aesthetic procedures.

About Relatient, Inc.

Relatient, Inc., is the leading intelligent patient scheduling and engagement technology company that utilizes a data-led approach to improving access to care. Integrating with all leading EHR/PM systems, Relatient engages with over 50 million unique patients per year on behalf of provider groups and health systems across the U.S. Relatient’s intelligent self-scheduling, patient messaging, chat, digital registration and payment solutions drive operational efficiency, increased appointments, reduced no-shows, faster patient payments and improved patient satisfaction, all while supporting better health and care quality initiatives. For more information, visit: