Relatient Adds New Partners for Print and Mailing Statements to Expand RCM Services

Healthcare Providers Can Choose Single Solution for Digital Text to Pay and Traditional Patient Statements

Relatient, Inc., a SaaS-based patient engagement company rated #1 by KLAS for “Patient Outreach” in 2020, announced expanded services for revenue cycle, now integrating its digital first patient balance messaging and text to pay solution with traditional print statements. Given that only 20% of healthcare providers use text to pay and mobile first tools for patient payments, Relatient has selected two industry leaders, Innovative Billing Solutions, Inc. (Birmingham, AL) and MailMyStatements, Inc. (Castle Rock, CO). Relatient constantly strives to improve the patient experience with best practices and works with highly-rated partners who can join in our support of medical offices.With the challenges of managing the revenue cycle amplified by the pandemic, health leaders are looking for reliable vendor partners and reevaluating those who underperform. Relatient works to bring relief to outdated and ineffective traditional practices and has a reputation for being both patient and customer-centric. By expanding its partners to include paper billing statements, Relatient can help reduce costs and headaches faced by its customers through a digital and traditional statement combination.

“We are pleased to expand our revenue cycle capabilities by working with Innovative Billing Solutions and MailMyStatements based on their similar values and track-record for putting customers first,” said Robbie Abt, Senior, Vice President, Relatient, Inc. “While we are a digital-first technology platform, we recognize traditional billing methods still have a place and bundling these services at competitive rates is very valuable and convenient for our customers.”

Relatient’s patient engagement platform offers technology tools to improve the performance of the revenue cycle with these capabilities:

  • Pre-registration and insurance update – reduce spread from kiosks and clipboards
  • Text to pay, online, and in-office patient payments – digital, contactless options
  • Payment processing and in-office terminals – competitive rates
  • Patient payment plans – setup to recurring payments
  • Paper billing statements and fulfillment – streamline vendors and integrate workflows
  • EHR/PM integrations – write backs and updates
  • Reporting – track patient activities and analytics

Exclusively built for healthcare, Relatient delivers clinicians and their organizations a versatile platform during the COVID-19 pandemic, supporting healthcare’s recovery, and improving the patient experience. Learn more at or contact us at

About Relatient

Relatient, Inc., the 2020 KLAS Category Leader in Patient Outreach, is a SaaS-based patient-centered engagement company that utilizes a modern and mobile-first approach to improve patient and provider communication. On behalf of U.S. medical practices and health systems, Relatient engaged patients with more than 132 million messages in 2019. Relatient’s platform integrates with over 87 practice management systems and electronic health databases to drive operational efficiency, appointments and reviews, reduce no-shows, speed patient payments and improve patient satisfaction, all while supporting health and care quality initiatives. For more information, visit

About Innovative Billing Solutions

For over 20 years, medical offices and billing companies across the United States have entrusted Innovative Billing Solutions with printing and mailing sensitive patient statement data. In 2011, Innovative Billing Solutions added an online payment option to patient statements to enhance the payment experience and improve revenue cycle management. Now, with a growing software network, Innovative Billing Solutions continues to transform the patient payment experience to ensure medical practices get paid quickly, efficiently, and securely every time. To learn how Innovative Billing’s partnership with Relatient can improve revenue cycle management for your organization, reach out to your Relatient Account Manager or contact us for more information.

About MailMyStatements

Founded in 2006, MailMyStatements (MMS) is a leading healthcare billing and payment technology service company. The company is HITRUST certified and serves some of the largest companies in healthcare. The company offers a wide range of products and services designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare communications, billing, and payments for U.S. healthcare organizations. Learn more